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I grew up around the construction trade and have always connected with materials. Being on jobsites in my youth helped shape my interest in architecture and the organism of the built environment. These early experiences continue to inform my process and contribute to my own sense of place and identity.

To think of structures as living entities is a natural starting point for my work, stemming from themes of origin and decay in the urban landscape. The speed at which this cycle revolves in the Bay Area underscores issues familiar to many of us. My current work is a collection of eccentric architectural models and cityscapes alluding to the gravity of these issues.

Working through my process moves me across a range of thoughts and emotions. It’s often difficult to reconcile what the materials and subject matter represent to me. I collect most of my supplies from woodshops, salvage yards and reuse stores. The histories they bring with them add another layer of meaning to the narrative.

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Autobody Fine Art Gallery & Studios
1517 Park Street
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